Supertato to the Rescue!

We have enjoyed making our Supertatoes this week. What rescue mission is your one going on? We look forward to seeing your Super Vegetables for show and tell tomorrow!



Super Vegetables

Today we began our learning on ‘Supertato’ and some of us have already made our own Supertato. For show and tell this Thursday can you make your own superhero vegetable (ideas at the bottom of the page) and be prepared to talk about your superheroes name, who their enemy is and what adventures they have been on. Have fun and we cannot wait to see them.



Nurture and the Environment 

As part of our learning on thinking about the environment and in looking after our bodies we completed a range of activities last term. These included threading leaves and decorating sticks to help improve our fine motor skills. We took part in our own obstacle course and then fed our bodies with our own fruit salad that we made ourselves. Thank you to those that were able to provide fruit for our fruit salad and also thank you to those that were able to come and help us make our fruit salad.