Proud to be me – EYFS

Early Years will be focussing on the following as part of PSED this term. The purpose is for the children to explore what makes them special and unique and to be proud of themselves and their achievements over the course of the past year. Below is a list of some of the things Nursery and Reception will be covering.





Trash Girl: BBC news article. Discussion around bullying and doing what we believe in.

Apple Bruising: Discussion about how ‘unkind’ and ‘mean’ words make us feel and the damage it can cause (looking at the bruising going through the apple).

Odd Sock Day: Anti-bullying day. Teachers will read the story ‘Simon’s Sock’ by Sue Hendra



This half term the teachers will read from a range of the following books in class:


Basil and Sageby Nick Rolfe

Elmerby David McKee

Happy in Our Skinby Fran Manushkin

Everywhere Babiesby Susan Meyers

ABC a Family Alphabet Bookby Bobbie Combs

Love Makes a Familyby Sophie Beer

Peggy Cloverby Nick Rolfe

Pink is for Boys by Eda Kabanand Robb Pearlman

Families Families Familiesby Suzanne Long and Max Lang

It’s Okay to be Differentby Todd Parr

Simon’s Sockby Sue Hendra


Spoken Language

This half term children will:


  • Make a ‘Proud Cloud’ to show what each child is proud about.
  • Design their own superhero based on positive traits.
  • Talk about how being left out feels through a focus activity. Children separate into a large group vs one child, and the large group play, and discuss how the single child feels, how to change this, what to do to include everyone in games.



Children will learn about:

  • Their family, what is special about them. Family tree
  • Their own culture. Parents coming in on Friday afternoons to showcase a range of cultures – crafts, stories, dances etc.
  • Bringing in their own favourite toy – discussing the differences in toys and differences in reasons for why they are special to them.


Art & Design

Children will design their own t-shirt to wear to the ’Proud to be Me’ parade. They will also make a collage of themselves using junk materials.



Children will learn and perform the following songs:


This is Mefrom The Greatest Showman

Good to be Me from the Sing Up programme

True Coloursby Cyndi Lauper

I Can Go the Distancefrom Hercules

Proud by Heather Small

We are Familyby Sister Sledge


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