BigFoot Safer Internet Workshop

We were very lucky yesterday to have a visit from Bo the Bunny and Becky. We talked about what we use the internet for, Oscar said “play games”, Alice said “play videos”, TN said “watch videos” and Thorin said how we have a “computer at school”. We then became Internet Safety Secret Agents and our missions were to help Bo the Bunny to be safe when being on the internet. Haitham told Bo that if we see an unknown app we “ask a grown up” for advice.

Our last mission was telling Bo the Bunny that our names and information about ourselves are top secret. In order to keep our names top secret we came up with some secret agent names. Here were a few of our ideas based on our favourite colours and numbers e.g. “Blue 4”, “Pink and Purple 3”, “Pink and Yellow 4”, “Gold and Pink 10”. Lastly we sang a rhyme to remind ourselves how to keep safe online:

The internet is fun, the internet helps you, but if you have a worry, ask a grown up what to do.

Remember to have fun online but stay safe and secret!

Here are some photos of us on our secret missions:




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