Back to Tilgate Park!

The afternoon children and the children who come to nursery at the end of the week all went to Tilgate park. The children had their first ride on the school mini buses, they were very excited.


The children saw different things on the second trip to Tilgate park. The children enjoyed watching the chickens have a bath in the dust. The chickens flicked their feathers and rolled in the dirt.


The children also saw lots of birds some had lovely colours while others made funny noises that made us laugh!


The children spotted some signs around the park the children told me this one said no swimming.


The children were very well behaved and we all had a lovely day, well done nursery!



3 thoughts on “Back to Tilgate Park!

  1. such a lovely trip…thank you to all the adults for organising it…elllen had a lovely time…as did I!!!!!

    • I am very pleased you both enjoyed the trip, thank you for your help by the way. It’s the first time nursery have been to Tilgate park and we will certainly be returning, it was a lovely day.

  2. Well the sun shone on the second day. I hope all the children enjoyed their day. I’m sorry I have only just seen the pictures. Cant wait to go next year.

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