Tilgate Park

The nursery children went on a very exciting trip to Tilgate Park. We saw lots of animals at the park, pigs, goats, cows and the very funny meerkats! Here are some pictures of our day out, the children were extremely well behaved, well done nursery.






The children were very interested in the signs around the park, they tried to understand them by reading the sounds and looking at the pictures.

The children were very keen to have lunch…. they wanted it as soon as we got there!

The children had great fun in the maze. Mrs Allen and her group got to the middle first, well done!


3 thoughts on “Tilgate Park

  1. nursery you were busy all day we had a nice trip thank you Miss Tyers. I hope next week’s trip goes well and I look forward to seeing the photos.

  2. Daisy would like to day that she had a fantastic time today (11.06.14) at Tilgate Park, she said she enjoyed the maze the best. Thank you nursery team, I have a very tired little girl and I suspect you are all to! Tracey Swash

    • I am so glad you had a good day Daisy! I also enjoyed the maze and yes we are all very tired! Have a good sleep and we shall see you tomorrow at nursery.

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