We had a visit from a storyteller. We whispered our story to our leaf then released it into the story wood. Can you remember what your story was?




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If you registered for ParentShare then you should have received an observation on your child so please check your emails. If you have not received one then please let me know so we can rectify the issue.


Show and Tell

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On Thursday 22nd November we will be having show and tell based on their favourite teddy bear or soft toy. Children need to be prepared to talk about their bear/ soft toy e.g. Where did you get it from? Who gave it to you? Does your bear have a name? Can you describe what your bear looks like? How long have you had it for?


Save the date!

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We will be performing our Christmas Show on Wednesday 12th December at 11am for the morning children and 2:30pm for the afternoon children. The children who attend all day on Wednesday will perform in both performances so you will have the opportunity to see them in either show.

More details to follow nearer the time.


Autumn, Fireworks Night and Diwali

Wow! What a busy start to the term we have had!

We have continued our learning about Autumn. Thank you to those who brought in something so that they were able to talk about Autumn. Below are a few examples of our show and tell.

We have been learning about Diwali through the story of Rama and Sita. We then made Diva lanterns out of paper by using our super cutting skills. When cutting we always talk about our thumb being the boss, meaning our thumb should always be at the top when we cut.

We also designed some fireworks using pens, paint and chalk.



Show and Tell

Please can you bring in something to do with Autumn and be ready to talk about Autumn on Thursday 1st November for our ‘Show and Tell’ session.

This could be:

  • something you have collected to do with Autumn
  • a photo that reminds you of Autumn
  • a toy that reminds you of Autumn
  • a picture you have created to do with Autumn etc

Please remember to have fun and be ready to tell the class all about Autumn!