Medicine made Mr Ted healthy again!

Today our Fox cubs began learning about real life superhero’s! We talked about how doctors and nurses are superhero’s by helping poorly people feel better again. We used our superhero skills last week to help Mr Ted feel better again, and now it’s our turn to role play being doctors and nurses to help our babies and each other to become healthy and well once again.


The rain didn’t stop us having fun!

Today the children finished creating their wonderful Father’s Day cards for their Daddies, they all worked so hard on these and we are really proud of them. We had fun in our garden despite the weather, all of you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Fathers Day to all of the Daddies!


Busy busy Thursday

Today our boys and a girls have been super busy! We have been completing superhero challenges and role playing superhero games. Unfortunately we came to Nursery and discovered poor Mr Ted is feeling unwell so we decided to write some get better soon cards and drew lots of pictures to help him feel better. We took turns sharing our pictures to Mr Ted and we are hoping he is better soon.


Superhero Wednesday

Today our Fox Cubs arrived to see Mr Spider has been up to no good once again. He had tied poor Mr Ted in his spider web outside in our playground. Our Superhero’s had to use their super strength and laser eyes to help untie him.

We have been super busy creating and writing inside our Father’s Day cards whilst using our superhero powers to solve problems and help complete some superhero challenges.


Creative Tuesday!

Today the children made a start to making their Fathers Day cards for their Daddies. They had lots of fun with paint and did lots of talking about the time they spend with their Daddies. We also looked at Technology to see how much the children knew about things like Bee bots and Laptops. It was a very busy day, well done all of you! Tomorrow is set to be a very hot day indeed so please can the children all be dressed in Summer clothing and have sun cream applied before coming to school and sun hats. Not forgetting the most important thing… their water bottles. Have a wonderful evening all of you!


Marvellous Monday!

Today the children finished making their Superhero capes and Masks. They also worked on finding the sound keys to match the picture padlocks! In the garden we had fun cooking a BBQ in role play and then washing up the plates and cutlery in the soapy water in the water tray! It’s been a very hot, but fun day!


Our learning this week 14/06/21

Hello Parents, this week we are continuing our learning on Superheroes. We will be using our tuff trays to create role play opportunities for the children to build stories around toys and play cooperatively as part of a group to develop and act out these stories.

We will be focussed on the language used to imagine and recreate these superhero roles. We will also be building our repertoire of songs and dances by learning the following two action songs.

We will be thinking about real life superheroes in our lives and this week we will be thinking about our fathers, grandfathers, brothers or uncles and how we can celebrate these special people on Father’s Day. We will be looking at the story of Superhero Dad.

We will be thinking about why these people are important to us and everything they do to show us love. We will also be thinking about how we can recognise this special day for our loved people so look out for our special cards we shall be working hard on making this week.

We will be working hard on Superhero passwords this week with our numbers. We will be working on our skills of subsitizing (“seeing” how many are in a group without counting) and thinking about some early addition when we look at the groups we can see within the number. Look at the picture below for an example.

How can you see it? Do you see a group of 3 and 2? Do you see groups of 1, 2 and 2? What is the whole amount you can see? How do you know? We will be modelling the language “I can see 5 counters, there’s a 3 and 2”

We will also play What’s the code? Children need to recognise the number of dots to break the code.

Lastly this week we will also be getting some practise for Sport’s Day. We will be learning some of the races that we will need to compete in on the day. This week we will focus on the game Sweet Shop, Water Carry and Sprint Race.I think it’s going to be a busy week.


Superhero Challenge Friday!

We had a great day in Nursery today! We explored ways to free Mr Ted from the rope across our classroom. The children made a start to decorating their Superhero capes and they are looking fabulous! Outside in the garden we all completed our Superhero Challenge which the children did in the heat, so well done to them all for taking part! We hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!


Superhero Fox Cubs!

Yesterday we came to nursery and found our special teddy ‘Mr Ted’ had been tied up and was stuck to our projector. We talked about why he was there. Who might have done this to him and how we could help rescue him.

We came up with lots of different ideas and decided to do our superhero dance and turn ourselves into superheroes. We used our super strength, laser eyes, invisibility cape and our flying skills to rescue Mr Ted from being tied up.

We continued to use our superhero skills, to solve some more problems. We used our super funky fingers to unlock padlocks, finding the matching key and freeing the toys tied in rope. We used paper plates to create our very own superhero face masks and talked about what super powers we would have.

Outside we explored our new ice cream parlour and practised taking turns serving our friends and pretending to have picnics in the sunshine.

Today we came to nursery and found Mr Ted had been locked up inside a tower of bricks. We talked about how he got there and how we could rescue him. After a big discussion we decided to use our super strength to blast through the bricks.

We also spent a long time outside playing with our ice cream parlour, making music with our instruments and exploring our water tray. We kept our funky fingers busy by threading cotton reels and connecting flowers.


Our Learning this week 07/06/21

Hello Parents. I hope everyone had a lovely half term and welcome back to Nursery. This half term is all about Superheroes.

This week we will begin by discovering a terrible crime has been committed. Our precious class mascot has been tied up and we will need to become a superhero to rescue him. What special abilities will we need? What special gadgets will we use? How will we set them free? Nursery children to the rescue! We are all set to become superheroes.

After rescuing our precious class mascot we will need to go on a mission of discovery. Who committed this terrible crime? What if they come back? How will we stop them? How will we keep our class mascot safe? I can’t wait to see where the children’s imagination takes us.

The Nursery children will all each work hard designing and creating their very own mask and cape. They will use these for role play in the next few weeks. We will need to think about what colours we would like to use and why. Any special pictures we would like. What we will be called and what super powers we will have. Of course, every superhero needs a superhero headquarters and we will be busy creating our very own.

To help us understand more about the world of Superheroes we will be listening to a different superhero story each day. Please listen to the stories below to learn about what stories your children will be becoming familiar with.



There’s a superhero in your book


Elmer and Super Al.

There will be lots of fun Superhero themed learning opportunities in the environment.

Our tuff trays will involve lots of challenges to rescue the people who are trapped in ice and jelly. How will we get them out?

For our phonics skills we will be playing the disappearing game. Lots of chalk letters will be written on the playground outside. To defeat the baddies our little superheroes needs to listen to each letter sound the adult calls out and then sponge it off. We will be using magnetic letters to help us spell out words like help, trap and hero. The children will also be mark making with some special white crayons that are invisible until painted over.

We will also be working hard on our physical development and completing some superhero challenges. How many star jumps can we do in one minute? How many sit ups can we do in one minute? How many beanbags can we get in the box in one minute? Can we use our super strength to knock down the skittles?

The children will also need to create and complete a superhero obstacle course involving jumping, balancing and crawling. Only the toughest little superheroes will survive.

I am very excited to see where the children’s imagination brings us this week. Don’t forget to read our daily blogs to see exactly what learning we did each day.